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The offshore and marine industries rely heavily on data to manage project resources and deliverables. Weather plays a crucial role in the success of these projects. Whilst organizations have always had access to weather data, increasing frequency of extreme weather has accelerated the need for more accurate forecasts to minimize operational costs and improve personnel and asset safety.

Regardless of the location or complexity of your asset, Open Sea Pro Metocean Forecast can help you perform work in even the strictest of specifications.

Open Sea Pro advanced weather intelligence platform is developed by Global MeteOcean. The solution offers various levels of services that perfectly meet the day-to-day planning needs in weather-sensitive conditions.

Data from Open Sea Pro helps you increase operations efficiency, control substantial unnecessary costs, and reduce your asset’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The web-based platform is interactively designed to visualize forecasts that highlight your preferred criteria. Project and operational managers can compare observations, analyze and assess operation scenarios upon the latest forecast and work limits, then decide confidently on the best weather window opportunity.


  • Easily watch
    weather activity
  • Optimize operational
    decision making
  • Boost operational
  • Minimize unplanned
  • Enhance crew
    and asset safety
  • Effectively plan costs
    for mob and demob
  • Execute precise
    responses and
  • Protect your
    organization’s assets
    and reputation

Use Case

In an offshore fixed installation or moving vessel, Open Sea Pro provides accurate weather data to allow seamless day-to-day operations. With the necessary information at hand, your operational team can reduce unnecessary costs incurred from unplanned and lengthy downtime. Weather is crucial for planning various maintenance and crew-heavy operations and Open Sea Pro provides information to minimize risk to personnel and asset safety. This ensures that your contract is delivered successfully with optimized use of resources thanks to the accuracy of vital weather data.

Open Sea Pro can also deliver real-time forecast data for the following assets:

  • Ports and harbors
  • Vessels, Cableships, Barge towing
  • Fixed offshore installations
  • Floating offshore platforms
  • Construction, heavy lifting sites

Most effective Metocean Forecast service


Open Sea Pro Metocean Forecast Solution enables you to:
  • Monitor real-time, location-based weather conditions through our unique proprietary technology that displays current weather conditions thanks to the combination of data from thousands of globally connected weather stations, satellite measurements, and high- resolution model analysis.
  • Read accurate offshore weather forecast data comprising relevant parameters in a professional yet easy-to-read and user-friendly format so you can easily benefit from numerous potentials derived from high-quality marine weather forecast information that is updated regularly.
  • Utilize information from insightful data presented in color-coded, tabular, graphical, and Geospatial map-based options by defining specific operating thresholds for an at-a-glance and impactful weather window display on unfavorable conditions that are specific to your operation site.
  • Access weather forecast from wherever you are. You can access weather alerts and reports from multiple platforms and devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or your smartphone through the dashboard or via e-mail – a feature that ensures you will never miss any information
  • Communicate 24/7 with a team of specialists who understand your industry and various global weather patterns thanks to years of experience plus first-hand knowledge of complex local influences, and who are always eager to furnish you with relevant information or address any concerns.

Open Sea Pro is a globally recognized platform, having been used by leading offshore and marine organizations across the world. The web-based platform is interactive and delivers reports that are customizable and intuitive, offering you the chance to better manage offshore or marine assets.

Open Sea Pro is powered by Global MeteOcean, a company with over a decade of experience supporting offshore and marine companies worldwide with a comprehensive suite of meteorological services.

Minimize weather risks and lengthy downtime period.

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